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A comprehensive LIBRARY of ANSI DOcuments & OTHER RESOURCES

ANSI's Resource Center is your access point to every document, form, external link, or other resource referenced throughout's pages, organized by topic (in alignment with the website's structure). Also included are ANSI publications and subscription information, organizational policies and services, and many other useful resources, providing a comprehensive library of relevant materials for the ANSI community to browse and access.

For general access to ANSI's public or private (members-only) Sharepoint libraries, use the following links:

Newsletter subscriptions
& other publications

ANSI offers a variety of weekly, monthly, and
quarterly electronic newsletters on key topics
of interest to the standardization community,
available via free subscription (some are open
to all; others are for ANSI Members only).
These include:

  • Standards Action - Weekly compilation of
    domestic and international standards
    development activities, public comment
    opportunities, and more
  • What's New? - ANSI's weekly email newsletter
  • Congressional Standards Update - Revelant
    news for members of Congress and other
    government representatives and staff
  • USNC Current - Announcements and expert-
    authored articles from the U.S. National
    Committee (USNC) of the International
    Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

The Institute also produces an annual report,
the United States Standards Strategy, the U.S.
Conformity Assessment Principles,
and other
special reports and publications.

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