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ANSI Education Activities
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ANSI works with its members, partners, and constituents across the standards community to develop education initiatives that highlight the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of standards to students, emerging professionals, and the general public. These responsive programs and activities are designed to engage students of all ages in the world of standards and conformity assessment and ensure the strength and efficacy of the next generation of U.S. standardization leaders.

Standards Simulations

ANSI, in conjunction with sponsor organizations from the standards community, hosts standards simulation competitions for teams of university students. These events offer a hands-on introduction to the actual standards development process, condensed into an exciting day of active learning. With the help of on-hand mentorship from academics and experts, student teams strive to impress the volunteer judges from across the standardization community with the strategy, collaboration, and negotiation needed to achieve their objective as a standards stakeholder.

In addition to those team competitions, ANSI often partners with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to host additional standards simulation exercises where individual students, rather than school teams, participate in the “development” of a standard.

Student Paper Competition

ANSI’s annual paper competition invites post-secondary students to submit original papers on a specific topic related to standards and conformity assessment – for example, “How Do Standards Mitigate Disaster?" or “Imagine a World without Standards.” In asking students to consider and document the impact of standards in various real-world scenarios – or a perceived need for additional standardization – the competition supports ANSI’s long-term effort to spread awareness to students of the significance of standards and conformance in nearly every aspect of business, industry, and society.

ANSI’s 2022 Student Paper Competition

USA Science & Engineering Festival

Since its inception in 2014, ANSI has participated as an exhibitor at the bi-annual USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC – a national grassroots effort to advance STEM education and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. The Institute participates in an effort to inspire and help nurture future generations of engineers and standardization professionals.

ANSI’s interactive displays are designed to engage and show K-12 students, teachers, and other attendees just how ubiquitous and important standards are to every facet of their lives via hands-on activities, games, and fun graphic representations. And ANSI leads the collaboration efforts of multiple partnering organizations in a “passport challenge,” where kids visit the participating standards organizations’ booths, learn about their work, collect stamps, and win a prize.

Over the course of the three-day festival, an estimated 250,000+ visitors pass through the expo space and gain inspiring insights into many diverse facets of science and engineering – including standards.

The fun and educational materials created for our science festivals exhibits are available in this collection of free online multimedia learning resources aimed at younger students (but fun and useful for all).

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