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ANSI Logo & Mark Use


“ANSI,” the ANSI logo, and numerous other identifiers containing "ANSI" are registered trademarks, service marks, and accreditation marks of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Here is a set of non-exhaustive guidelines to help you avoid misusing the ANSI marks, which include the following:

  • Our short name “ANSI”
  • ANSI®
  • Our ANSI logo:
ANSI logos

ANSI does not permit, under any circumstances, the registration by others of “ANSI,” the ANSI wording and crescent design logo (“ANSI Logo”), ANSI badges and icons, or any other marks, names, or domain names consisting of or incorporating ANSI or marks owned by ANSI, or anything confusingly similar (individually and collectively “ANSI Marks”)
ANSI does not permit, absent prior written permission, the use of ANSI Marks. Doing so would give the false impression that ANSI carries out certification activities, or has approved or authorized the organization using its ANSI Marks. ANSI does not itself develop standards or certify management systems, products, services, materials, or personnel. ANSI, ANSI members, and certain other expressly authorized users are allowed to use the ANSI logo and short name in accordance with ANSI policies, as detailed more fully in these guidelines.

ANSI reserves the right to take whatever actions it considers necessary to prevent the misuse of its valuable ANSI Marks.

Examples of unacceptable use of the ANSI Marks

Use or registration of ANSI Marks as identifiers in connection with third-party products, services (other than approved use by accredited organizations as specifically discussed below), domain names, social media user names, websites, logos, marketing materials, advertisements, and company letterheads is strictly prohibited. Use or registration of ANSI Marks in self-declarations, such as logos combining ANSI Marks with member (or other) names (“ANSI Member Icon”), is also strictly prohibited. Use of ANSI Marks or placement of such ANSI Marks in a manner that is misleading or incorrectly implies that ANSI endorses, has accredited, or otherwise approves a particular organization, product, or service is strictly prohibited.

  • Do not use or copy the ANSI logo.
  • Do not modify or change the ANSI logo.
  • Do not register or use “ANSI” as, or in, your domain name, company name, or website.
  • Do not use any ANSI Mark on a product or packaging in any way that says or implies ANSI certified, endorses, or otherwise approved the product or services.
  • Do not use the ANSI word mark in phrases like "ANSI certified", or "ANSI approved", or "ANSI tested", or "ANSI Class".
  • Do not incorporate the ANSI word mark in your logo or badges, e.g.:
  • Do not use the ANSI word mark on a product or packaging apart from the full title of a standard or as otherwise authorized by an American National Standard (e.g., do not say “ANSI Cut 4” to indicate compliance with ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 American National Standard for Hand Protection Classification).

    Examples of acceptable fair use of the ANSI Marks

    Certain limited uses (not registration) of the ANSI mark are permitted strictly for accurate, informational reference, in text only – and not to identify goods, services, or organizations. Specifically, the following examples would be considered acceptable if accurate and included in text:

    • "This product complies with ANSI/ISEA 105-2016."
    • "Meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 2020 standard."
    • "Meets the emissions criteria of ANSI/CAN/UL 2904 Ed. 1-2019".
    • "Manufacturer Declares Compliance to ANSI/BHMA A156.25-2023 Electrified Locking Devices."

    As discussed above, the ANSI Marks cannot be used or registered by members, standards developers, or certification programs (other than approved use by accredited organizations as specifically discussed below) in connection with their promotions or communications regarding ANSI affiliation, approval, or certification.

    For questions regarding the use of ANSI marks, please contact [email protected].

    Use of the ANSI Member Icon Exclusively for Full ANSI Members

    Recognizing that strong brand recognition is imperative when solidifying the linkage between an organization and its members, the ANSI Membership Department introduced the ANSI Member Icon, a graphic for use exclusively by full ANSI members with prior written permission from ANSI.

    The ANSI Member Icon may be used by full ANSI members on their website, as a hyperlink to the ANSI website, or in promotional print materials in accordance with this policy and with ANSI’s prior written permission, as a mechanism to demonstrate the member's affiliation with the Institute and the U.S. standards and conformity assessment community. ANSI Member Icons cannot be placed in any context implying the quality of an entity or its activities, goods, and/or services, or ANSI’s recognition of the same.

    To obtain the ANSI Member Icon, or to learn more about the benefits of ANSI membership, contact Membership Services at [email protected] or 212.642.8922.

    Approved American National Standards & ANSI Accredited Standards Developers Marks

    Standards developers accredited by ANSI may choose to use the ANSI Accredited Standards Developer mark, and may also choose to use the Approved American National Standard mark on any document approved as an American National Standard.

    Sample ANSI Accredited Standards Developer Mark
    Sample ANSI Approved American National Standard mark

    However, standards developers may no longer use ANSI’s Logo on the covers or inside front matter of approved American National Standards. Developers that have previously published ANSI’s Logo on their standards should transition to the Approved American National Standard mark as soon as possible. Developers should also note that standards currently carrying the ANSI Logo do not need to be immediately republished; rather, the covers should be revised with the appropriate logo or text at the time of the next revision, reaffirmation, or reprint.

    To obtain permission to use the ANSI Accredited Standards Developer mark or the Approved American National Standard mark, contact ANSI Procedures and Standards Administration staff at [email protected] or 212.642.4914.

    Accreditation Services Marks

    Certification programs, certificate issuers, or other bodies that have been accredited by ANSI/ANAB should contact ANAB staff at [email protected].