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ANSI Procedures & Process

The ANSI Essential Requirements is maintained via the oversight of the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC). The Essential Requirements is a living document that is updated throughout the course of the year, and a new version is issued every January.

Any interested party is invited to submit comments or propose revisions to the ExSC at any time. ANSI solicits public comments on all proposed procedural revisions to these documents through announcements in Standards Action, new items, and social media posts.

ANSI's Essential Requirements (ER) are re-issued every January with approved changes integrated and tracked in a revision summary.

The process by which proposed procedural revisions are vetted is as follows:

  • A proposed revision is submitted by any interested party to [email protected] (or directly to the Secretary of the ANSI ExSC) in legislative format with a rationale.
  • A proposed revision is reviewed by the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC) at a meeting.
  • If approved, the proposed revision is announced for public comment in Standards Action, in a news article on, and/or via social media.
  • Public comments are reviewed by the ANSI ExSC (typically at the next meeting) and responses are developed; if no further revisions to the proposal will be made, then the ExSC votes to approve or withdraw. If substantive changes are to be made, then another pubic review in Standards Action is scheduled.
  • Written responses are issued to public commenters by the Secretary of the ANSI ExSC.
  • If approved by the ExSC, proposed procedural revisions are then submitted to the Executive Committee of the ANSI Board of Directors for final approval.
  • Approved revisions are incorporated into the next edition of the procedures, issued in January of the following year.
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