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usnc hall of fame 

excellence in electrotechnical standardization

Every year the IEC and ANSI honor the work and commitment of standout individuals who have made exceptional contributions to U.S. and global standards and conformity assessment activities. Each organization's annual awards program celebrates the accomplishments of experts and volunteers whose dedication and collaborative work enable voluntary standards and conformity assessment to solve problems, drive progress and innovation, and enhance health and safety for all. 

The USNC is proud to highlight its many members who have been recogonized among a long and distinguished list of past honorees leaving their mark in the annals of the IEC, ANSI, and standardization community worldwide.


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IEC Awards

The IEC honors the commitment and work of individuals who have contributed to making products and electrical systems safer, more efficient, and more reliable.

USNC members have been recognized for their leadership and technical expertise as recipients of the IEC Awards below.

2023 IEC Lord Kelvin Award Winner, Mr. Bob Sherwin

For more information, please visit the IEC blog.

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ANSI Awards

ANSI's Leadership & Service Awards honor excellence among the dedicated individuals driving U.S. and global voluntary standards and conformity assessment activities. 


Browse the most-recent USNC recipients below, or access the lists of all recipients on the ANSI Awards page.


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ANSI Leadership & Service Award recipients


John G. Abbott, Ph.D.

Judith M. Anderson

Albert Brazauski

Ralph J. Calcavecchio

Milton E. Cox

A. Raymond Daniels

Mark Earley

Lois Ferson

William Fiske

Elisabeth George

Kenneth Gettman

John Goodsell

William F. Hanrahan

Thomas A. Hanson

Donald Heirman*

Joseph D. Hersey Jr.

Richard M. Jacobs, P.E.

Ben Johnson

Edward R. Kelly

John M. Kinn

Frank K. Kitzantides

Joseph L. Koepfinger

Emanuel Landsman

Donald A. Mader

Evans Massey

Kerry McManama

Alec McMillan

E.M. Nesvig*

Steve Pampinella

Richard L. Pescatore

Albert (Chip) Pudims

John Rennie*

Alvin Scolnik

Joel Solis

Steven A. Seeker

Ralph M. Showers

Ed Tarchalski

John Vanella

J.T. Weizeorick

Jack Wells

James Williamson

Jola Wroblewska

Edward M. Yandek

John Young




Alexis Bartels-Popelar, Vivavi Solutions 

Caitlyn Clark, NREL

Mariah Dixon, UL Standards & Engagement


Grace Callahan, UL Standards & Engagement 

Amanda Johnson, Festools 

Eric Jonardi, Rockwell Automation

Allison Managlia, Intel 


Chao Feng, Rockwell Automation

Brian Rupp, Rockwell Automation

Stephanie Schiller, Underwriters Laboratories

Chris Schmid, Underwriters Laboratories


Carolyn Hull, Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance

Nathan Tom, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Travis Lindahl, Stryker


Eric Franca, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Scott Lindsay, CSA Group

Carrie Schmaus, U.S. Department of Energy


Limor Hochberg, Underwriters Laboratories

Luiza Kowalczyk, NEMA

Wallie Zoller, Rockwell Automation


Edward Hong, Solar Turbines

Jesse Jur, North Carolina State University

Andrew Northup, NEMA


Christopher Dorr, Rockwell Automation

Joseph Spossey, Intertek

William Williams, Coast Guard


Ryan Franks, NEMA

Kevin Mangold, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Carin Stuart, Energizer


Chelsey Schweikert, Solar Turbines

Ethan Biery, Lutron Electronics

Diana Bull, Sandia National Laboratories


Aisha Bajwa, Alcan Products Corporation

Manyphay Viengkham, General Electric

Kevin Duncan, Seagate Technology


Jonathan Colby, Verdant Power

Sourjo Basu, General Electric

Stephen Elliott, Purdue University


Marcus Boolish, Energizer

Michael Kurzeja, Exelon Nuclear

Daniel O'Shea, Underwriters Laboratories