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Comprised of a diverse cross-section of Board representatives, the Nominating Committee oversees the nomination of ANSI members for seats on the Board of Directors, as well as candidates for Chair and Vice Chair positions. The Nominating Committee typically meets as necessary, typically in the third and fourth quarters of each year.

Key Responsibilities

The mission of the ANSI Nominating Committee is to:

  • Annually submit, to the President, nominations for up to 33 Directors-at-Large
  • Annually submit, to the Board, nominations for the offices of Chair of the Board and Vice Chairs

Reporting directly to the ANSI Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee, in conjunction with the Board Executive Committee, considers issues such as needed expertise, background, leadership skills, willingness to participate actively, and inter-organizational relationships in making its nomination decisions. The Nominating Committee must attempt to ensure broad Board diversity from the ANSI Membership.

To assist ANSI’s members in the annual nomination process, the ANSI Board has created guidelines designed to identify target sectors that may currently be underrepresented within the Federation, ensure balance and diversity within the membership, enhance ANSI’s relationships and networks, and highlight individual personal attributes.


Member Access to Nomination Guidelines

Additional guidance for the Nominating Committee is included in Section 3.17 of the ANSI Constitution and By-Laws.

Members & Officers

The membership of the Nominating Committee demonstrates a broad diversity of representatives of not less than five members of the ANSI Board of Directors who have Board approval. The Chair of the Nominating Committee is appointed annually by the Board Chair.


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)


ANSI Senior Vice President and General Counsel

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