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America Makes & ANSI Additive
Manufacturing Standardization
Collaborative (AMSC)


Formally launched in March 2016, the America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative (AMSC) is a cross-sector coordinating body whose objective is to accelerate the development of industry-wide additive manufacturing standards and specifications consistent with stakeholder needs and thereby facilitate the growth of the additive manufacturing industry. The AMSC was launched because a number of standards developing organizations are engaged in standards-setting for various aspects of additive manufacturing, prompting the need for coordination to maintain a consistent, harmonized, and non-contradictory set of additive manufacturing standards. The AMSC is not developing standards or specifications. Rather, its purpose is to help drive coordinated standards development activity.

Additive Manufacturing Standards

Additive manufacturing standards cover the full life cycle for printing an additively manufactured part, from 3 dimensional design input data through the selection of precursor materials; quality control during the printing process; post-processing; evaluating finished material properties; testing, qualification, and certification; and maintenance and repair. Materials used in additive manufacturing include metals, polymers, and ceramics and there are several different technologies and processes used to produce parts. Sectors actively using the technology include aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, and construction.

Standardization Roadmap

In June 2018 the AMSC published its Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (Version 2.0) which identifies existing standards and specifications, as well as those in development, assesses gaps, and makes recommendations for priority areas where there is a perceived need for additional standardization. The roadmap is supplemented by the AMSC Standards Landscape, a list of standards directly or peripherally related to the issues described in the roadmap. Both documents can be downloaded at the links below.

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Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing

Version 2.0, June 2018 (268 pages)

AMSC Standards Landscape

Version 2.0, June 2018 (20 pages)

Tracking Standardization Gaps

The AMSC roadmap describes 93 gaps where no published standard or specification currently exists to respond to a particular industry need. When a standards developer or other organization initiates or completes work in a specific area identified in one of those gaps, an update is provided within this portal. You can review the gaps and updates for each category corresponding to the sections of the roadmap.

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About America Makes

America Makes is the nation’s leading public-private partnership for additive manufacturing technology and education. America Makes members from industry, academia, government, workforce and economic development organizations, work together to accelerate the adoption of AM and the nation’s global manufacturing competitiveness. Founded in 2012 as the Department of Defense’s manufacturing innovation institute for AM and first of the Manufacturing USA network, America Makes is based in Youngstown, Ohio and managed by the not-for-profit National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM).

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The AMSC draws participation from private industry, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), material suppliers, government, academia, standards developing organizations (SDOs), and other interested stakeholders. Participation is open to additive manufacturing stakeholders that have operations in the U.S. Membership in America Makes and ANSI is not a prerequisite and there is no fee to participate at this time.

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