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International Conformity Assessment
Committee (ICAC)

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Objectives & Scope

The International Conformity Assessment Committee (ICAC) serves as the ANSI-Accredited U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to the International Organization for Standardization Conformity Assessment Committee (ISO CASCO). ISO CASCO writes standards for the effective operation of conformity assessment bodies and activities. ISO CASCO also provides policy recommendations to the ISO Council on conformity assessment matters.

As an ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAG, the ICAC develops U.S. consensus positions in response to ISO CASCO ballots and requests for comments, appoints U.S. experts to ISO CASCO Working Groups, and coordinates participation at annual ISO CASCO plenary meetings and other ISO CASCO activities.

The flags of about 10 countries including Korea and the United States against a blue background.

Members & Officers

There are two types of membership on the ICAC:

  1. Voting members: Voting member on the ICAC must vote on all ballots and attend all TAG meetings. Voting members who miss two consecutive meetings or three consecutive ballots will be moved to the status of observers (with no voting rights), and will be informed of the change in status by the U.S. TAG administrator.
  2. Non-voting members: Non-voting members of the ICAC observe the work and documents of the U.S. TAG. Non-voting members may submit comments, but do not have a vote.

U.S. stakeholders interested in becoming a member of the ICAC should email the U.S. TAG Administrator for more information.

Chair: Cynthia Woodley

Vice Chair: Carl Kircher 

(member log-in required for access)


The ICAC has two official web-based U.S. TAG meetings per year. One meeting is focused on the discussion and preparation of positions on matters to be covered at the ISO CASCO plenary. The other meeting is focused on internal matters of the ICAC and any other ad hoc items that may arise. In addition to the two official U.S. TAG meetings, the ICAC convenes via teleconference as needed to develop and finalize U.S. TAG consensus positions and comments on ISO CASCO ballots.

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Staff Contact

Kristen Califra

U.S. TAG Administrator


[email protected]