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ANSI Code of Conduct

General Principles

1. To promote and support the overall mission of ANSI as well as the purposes and objectives of the voluntary consensus standards system.

2. To maintain a process that is open, honest, and fair to all participants.

3. To promote the development of consensus through the broad participation of a variety of interests and through a full airing and discussion of all points of view.

4. To adhere, both in letter and in spirit, to all duly established rules, regulations, and policies governing the ANSI voluntary consensus standards system.

This Code of Conduct was approved by the ANSI Board of Directors on December 5, 2018.

Code of Conduct Applicable to Participants

1. All persons serving on the Board, Board Committees, Committees of ANSI, Forums, Policy Advisory Groups, and any other ANSI committees, subcommittees, task groups or other related bodies (hereafter "Participants") shall act honestly, in good faith, and with the highest professional standards.

2. Although it is recognized that legitimate differences of opinion can exist on individual issues, Participants should act in a dignified and courteous manner, so as to avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false, malicious or improper action and to avoid acting in a disrespectful or unprofessional manner towards other Members or ANSI staff.

3. In order that the points of view and information Participants contribute to the ANSI voluntary consensus standards system can be accurately evaluated by others, Participants should always endeavor to make known their business, commercial, organizational, or other affiliations that might affect their interests or points of view, avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible.

4. In all discussion, debate, and deliberation, Participants should confine their comments to the merits of the issues under review. Although Participants may forcefully advocate their views or positions, they should be candid and forthcoming about any weaknesses in their position, and they should refrain from debate and discussion that is disrespectful or unprofessional in tone or that is unduly personalized or damaging to the overall process of achieving consensus.

5. In circumstances where duly established policies and procedures related to the ANSI voluntary consensus standards system permit deliberations to take place in executive session, participants should respect and observe the confidentiality of those executive sessions.

6. No Participant should ever attempt to withhold or prohibit information or points of view from being disseminated, particularly on the grounds that the Participant is in disagreement with the information or points of view. Disagreements should be addressed and resolved through full presentation and discussion of all information and points of view not through withholding information or preventing points of view from being expressed.

7. Participants who have been retained to represent the interests of another with respect to a specific issue or issues that are to be addressed by any ANSI body shall declare those interests.

8. Participants should treat all persons with respect and fairness and should not offer or appear to offer preferential treatment to any person or group.

9. Participants should refrain from disseminating false or misleading information or from withholding information necessary to a full, fair, and complete consideration of the issues duly discussed.

10. Participants should obey all applicable laws and ANSI policies, including policies promulgated by ANSI for the committee, forum or group on which they participate; and

11. Participants should safeguard ANSI’s reputation and integrity by ensuring that any public statements relating to ANSI, which are not official statements of ANSI, are properly portrayed as the opinion of the individual making them.

This Code of Conduct was approved by the ANSI Board of Directors on December 5, 2018.

Violations of Code of Conduct

12. Violations of this Code will result in disciplinary action against Participants, which may include termination of a Participant's continued participation and/or termination of ANSI membership status of the ANSI member on whose behalf the Participant acts.

This Code of Conduct was approved by the ANSI Board of Directors on December 5, 2018.