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Member Categories & DUES

Company Member

A corporation, partnership or other entity that is created under the laws of the United States or any state, district or territory thereof and that is engaged in industrial or commercial enterprise or professional, educational, research, testing or trade activity. Any affiliate, division or joint venture of a corporation, company, firm or partnership may, at the discretion of the ANSI Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, be eligible for membership.

Company member dues

Organizational Member

A not-for-profit scientific, technical, professional, labor, consumer, trade or other association or organization that is involved in standards, conformity assessment or related activities.

Organizational member dues

Government Member

A department, authority or agency of the United States government or of any state, interstate, regional or local government, interested in voluntary standards or conformity assessment.

Government member dues

Educational Member

A domestic, educational institution that is interested in voluntary standards or conformity assessment.

Educational member dues

International Member

An entity that has no legal presence (e.g., subsidiaries, business units, branch offices) in the United States or any state thereof. International members shall not be entitled to vote on issues coming before the membership.

For International Membership only, please complete this PDF application and email it to the Membership team at

Activity Assessment Fees

ANSI Members who participate in certain specific activities (including development of American National Standards and ISO/IEC leadership and/or technical activities) are subject to participation fees.

Additional Assessment Fee Schedule

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